Gears of War 4 Collectibles Guide: Act IV

Gears of War 4 launches October 11 on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. Like past games, players can scrounge the five Acts to find hidden collectibles that further flesh out the world of the game. This handy guide will help you find all the collectibles.

Act I – 17 Collectibles
Act II – 8 Collectibles
Act III – 14 Collectibles
Act IV – 7 Collectibles
Act V – 4 Collectibles

Act IV is split into five chapters with seven collectibles to find.

Chapter 1: Get Out – 1 Collectible

1) Locust Shell Disposal Form – After cutting through the gunk you’ll return to the mine construction area. Immediately turn to your left and toward the edge of platform. The form will be next to the yellow cart.



Chapter 2: No Detours – 1 Collectible

2) COG Tag 21525112 – You’ll be walking down a long path where you’ll pass a rusted car and a giant gear. The moment you pass the gear look to the left for a COG body. His tags will be lying next to him



Chapter 3: Knock Knock – 1 Collectible

3) COG Orders – After climbing the ladders you’ll encounter a courtyard full of enemies. Defeat them and proceed to the building where the objective is. The collectible is on the first floor of the building, all you need to do is run to the back left corner and check the floor. It’ll be next to three blue barrels.



Chapter 4: Powerless – 2 Collectibles

4) COG Tag 20256192 – After running through the turbines, defeating the enemies, and opening the giant door, proceed forward. Once you round the corner, look to your left. There is a control room there with a panel in the center of the room. The tags are behind it alongside their owner.


5) Rations Schedule for Abandoned Gears – After your battle in the room with the moving, giant chains, you’ll find yourself in a small room and prompted to move forward. Don’t, turn left instead. Back in the corner, on a crate, lies the collectible.



Chapter 5: Storm Warning

6) COG Tag 0882113 – After escaping the lightning flurry and making it into the building, go into the office on the right. The tags are sitting on a desk.


7) Letter – After overloading the core, continue towards the objective until you come to a room that’s partially blocked by a pile of sandbags. Vault over them and collect the letter.


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