Stirfire Studios Announces Symphony of the Machine

Having recently procured an HTC Vive, I have found myself searching for all kinds of different experiences to get the most out of my shiny (and sweaty) new toy. Action, adventure, and any unique experience I can find is welcomed with open arms. With this mindset, Stirfire Studios has my attention with their upcoming Symphony of the Machine. Set for release Q1 of 2017, it looks to take some tried and true mechanics and reinvigorate them.

In the game, the player awakens in a sun blasted desert, barren of life and color. Nothing can be found except for a mysterious tower highlighted by a beam of light. Through experimentation, the player soon finds that directing this beam causes life to grow. It is up to the player to use this mechanic to solve an ever increasing series of puzzles to slowly restore the world, all while discovering what caused its destruction in the first place. As their press release puts it:

“Light can be directed directed and manipulated with tools positioned via motion controls, making Symphony of the Machine‘s puzzle solving as physically immersive as it is mentally stimulating. Some solutions may require a simple bend of the beam, while others call for more critical thinking involving splitting and filtering light to achieve the desired elements.”


While we have all solved plenty of light beam puzzles before, the impetus of gradually restoring life to a desert, being able to see progress through nature springing up into being introduces a strange itch that I didn’t know I had. Since what this game looks to offer is better seen than read, it is highly recommended that the trailer be checked out below: