Space Battling ‘Atomic Space Command’ Landing on Early Access

Heading to Steam Early Access, Atomic Space Command is an indie spaceship simulation. Developed by No You Shut Up! Games, the ASC will primarily feature large-scale PvP skirmishes and objective-based PvE missions involving a co-op armada. Players must build and decorate their own custom ships from a selection of chassis, weapons, thrusters, and additional modules. Ace pilots won’t be able to carry the team though, as players may be inclined towards building a large ship for durability and increased utility. But then those can only be beneficial when the crew and ship systems are managed and monitored effectively. A tougher ship, with more HP, is a larger vessel with more things to maintain. As such, players need to count on teamwork to ensure they have proper dogfighting defenses as well as a strong flagship.

Atomic Space Command will support up to eight players per team, with local and online multiplayer. Far-thinking players will set up bases on planets for supplies and expansion. Powerful planet bases can contain fighter bays for a fleet of AI-controlled ships. People all want to get at the Spice Atomic resource, so constructing a Spice Atomic mine may be just the bait for attracting enemies to a properly fortified fortress. Each completed mission and arena will also net Silver Atomics – points for ship upgrades, modules, and new crew.

Catch the game’s sizzle trailer below. Atomic Space Command is headed to PC via Steam Early Access this week on October 13.