Cloud 9 and RNG Make Quick Quaterfinal Exits

Thus far the League of Legends Worlds quarterfinals have been a little less than spectacular. NA’s last hope in Cloud 9 and China’s number two team are both out of the tournament in a 3-0 and 3-1 fashion.

Cloud 9 wasn’t really expected to make it far. They made it to the quarterfinals by the skin of their teeth and didn’t get the best draw with the available teams. Samsung is like the Cloud 9 of Korea except they’re good. They didn’t play great during the LCK season, but got it all together to make a run to the semifinals of Worlds. Like Cloud 9 they took out a team in the playoffs others expected to make it and well they’ve only dropped one match so far.

If going 3-0 doesn’t tell you how things went then just believe me when I say it was a stomp. The brightest spot on C9’s roster, Impact, got solo killed in a winning matchup and was just a non-factor all series long. He had made a habit of reminding people that he was part of that SKT T1 roster to win Worlds, but then not so much. CuVee got a little help to put him over the top and the rest was an Impact out of position, and blowing tps. He’s not the reason they lost though. It’s just better macro and movement by the LCK team. Watch the VOD, it’s hard to but do it.

When RNG vs SKT kicked off it looked like RNG was going to give SKT a run for their money, but that quickly fizzled in the following three games. On paper RNG is a super team or at least their bot lane is. The sad truth is the team is incredibly poor at late game if they had a lead. The first game they represented that brilliantly by losing a massive gold lead and somehow still eeking out a win. From there they were slowly dominated in game two, and games three and four were thirty minute romps that made you wonder how RNG won the first match.

Today, we have what should be a far better display of gameplay. China’s number one in EDG and Korea’s number one in Rox face off and that will hopefully bring some fireworks. Neither team have looked like their best form as of yet, but with some time to prepare for an actual series maybe that will change. Whoever wins gets SKT making things all the more exciting. Things kick off at 5┬áp.m. Central and you can catch the games here.