NA Scouting Grounds is Starting

About two months ago Riot announced that they were going to start scouting some of the top NA talent to help the scene grow. The NA Scouting Grounds will kick off next month, but now’s a good time for that friendly reminder that it’s happening.

So the top 20 players in NA, the top four in each role, are all invited to compete. Coaches from CLG, Echo Fox, and Team Liquid will all be there to help and scout during the initial scrimmages. After that initial opening the players will all be split into random teams for the remainder of the event.

From then on they’ll basically enter a test pro experience where they’ll scrim and practice like a pro. After all the practicing they’ll go into a tournament and show off everything that they’ve been working on. Players will also get to attend workshops on contracts, get headshots taken, stat profiles created and tour the Riot HQ. All in all it’s a pretty sweet gig.

In order to be invited you must be Master tier or higher. After that here’s all the criteria needed to be eligible:

  • Respond to the survey sent out on Oct 17.
  • Be 16 years or older by the start of the 2017 Challenger Series spring split (early January).
  • Not have played more than 2 professional LoL matches in any league.
  • Not be under contract by any professional team – Challenger Series teams included.
  • Be considered a North American resident as determined by the Interregional Movement Policy
  • Be able to pass a behavior check similar to NA LCS and NA CS players. Behavior check will include a review of in-game behavior, Terms of Service violations and looks at previous bans or suspensions.

Emails containing the survey will be sent out on Oct. 17 from a riot email address. After that you have until Oct. 31 to be one of the top four in your position as that’s when the ladder will lock. Then you’ll get you tickets and go to LA and have your shot at being a pro. If you’re not close to having a shot, but want to watch the action, VODs will be uploaded here once the tournament starts.