The First Semifinal of Worlds is Set and it’s SKT vs Rox Part IV

Continuing with the trend of lopsided quarterfinals matches was Rox Tigers taking down EDG 3-1. The one game that EDG managed to pull out looked good for them, but it all went to the wayside once Rox realized they just need to finish this before they lose all momentum.

With a Rox Tiger win this sets up the two best teams in the world to once again face off. In last years Grand Final it was SKT over the then named KOO Tigers and since then they’ve faced off in every final. Fast forward to the Spring split of 2016 and Rox was by far the strongest team in the LCK. They went into the Spring split finals as the top team, but lost to SKT in a rather impressive fashion. That allowed SKT to win MSI and complete the treble of trophies. Then in the Summer split Rox and SKT once again met in the finals, but Rox pulled it out and took the number one seed for Korea.

That brings up to next week where these two teams will once again face off for a shot at the Grand Finals. With the quarterfinals panning out the way they have been this matchup should singlehandedly be the best one of the tournament. The two best teams are against each other and the two best players in the world are playing. Whoever wins this match will be the favorite to win Worlds and more than likely have to face off against Samsung Galaxy who are also from Korea. It’ll once again be an all Korea Grand Final.