Catch a Glimpse of War Pigeon Mode in New Battlefield 1 Footage

There are only a few days left until war begins in Battlefield 1. This time, war really has changed from the conventional games of the past several years. Battlefield takes it back to the past during WWI and with it comes a new multiplayer mode.

War Pigeon acts almost like a Capture the Flag mode. Players are separated into teams where the objective is to earn points and the side with the most are the winners. To utilize this pigeon, you must take control of it and write a message for it to carry. You are not able to engage in combat during this step but are free to move around, though staying still lets you write faster. Then, take the pigeon to a particular location on the map and release it in order to call upon an airstrike from your allies and reinforcements (not that pigeons will actually drop a bomb). If the airstrike is launched your team will gain an extra point. Opponents can either shoot down the bird or keep you from writing the message.

These creatures served multiple purposes during WWI. They would deliver important messages and would be able to avoid detection by appearing like a normal pigeon in the environment. Take a look at the footage below and look forward to more of our coverage on Battlefield 1.