Screenshot Saturday Featuring Radio the Universe, My Summer Car, Many Others

Screenshot Saturday never stops, although sometimes it’s hard to access when life gets in the way.  It’s an endless tide that comes in once a week, sweeping the shores of gaming with tantalizing looks at new titles in development, and like the Stars on Hollywood Boulevard there’s some that you recognize, some that you hardly even heard of.  The latter is usually because the game is making its first appearance anywhere, but rising from obscurity is never easy in a field that’s got as much happening as gaming.  There’s an incredible amount of talent out there creating as much as it can, and Screenshot Saturday is the perfect time to show off the week’s efforts.  As usual, don’t neglect to give the blue arrows a click, because there’s magic waiting to happen behind them.

Radio the Universe-  Dark action/adventure that’s been in development for a very long time but always looks a bit more polished and detailed whenever it pokes its head up from the long silences between updates.  The player in this clip is surrounded by deep water and hectored by the flying red guys, but the orb on the right of the island cues a platform she can use to escape.  Or get hit by enemy fire while trying.  One of those two.  And now that we’ve seen this, it’s back to waiting another three months for the next clip.

Retro Vision-  Endless runner on the outside of a tube that rotates so you don’t just smack into a wall at full speed.  This is one of the simpler sections, but the high-speed randomized musical sprint gets much more crowded as the tube throws out challenges in tune to the beat.  It’s purple and teal madness!

Astroneer-  An astronaut-adventurer’s work is never done.  Every new planet is a new opportunity, with discoveries to find and harvest while, if not taming the land, at least wiring it up so you’re never too far from a power supply.  The fun thing about this clip is seeing the astroneer carve the path up the mountain diagonally, as opposed to how I usually do it which is to bull my way straight to the top by making stairs when the angle is too steep to run straight forward.

My Summer Car-  Ok, so this shot doesn’t look like much, but that’s by design.  My Summer Car is an obsessively-detailed automotive game about taking a junker and beating it into shape.  That fire-painted roadster in the background?  Yeah, that’s not yours.  You get the rusted-out hulk in the foreground and assemble the pieces of the engine until it runs, hopefully well enough to pass inspection.  Once it’s up and running the Finnish countryside of the 1990s is yours to explore and play around in, for as long as you can keep the car on the road.

Ethereal Legends-  Action-RPG where the forces of evil are once again trying to squish the world in their destructive claws.  You’re the last remaining knight of the good guys, and there’s a whole lot of baddies waiting to fall to your weapon and magic.  The shot above is from the beta, which has giant fanged glowing mushrooms shooting poison spore-balls.  Magic and evolution really shouldn’t interact like this.

Beats of Fury-  Wield the power of rock or electronic music to annihilate the bad beats swarming to the center where you play.  Each beat is color-coded to a button on the gamepad, and you’ll need to hit the beat right in the circle to avoid taking damage.  That string of beats at the start can be cleared out by holding down the button and strafing, but the multicolored swarm after?  That looks like it will take serious practice to blast away.

Tiny Metal-  Nintendo has abandoned Advance Wars but its spirit marches on in Tiny Metal, a turn-based military strategy game for PC that’s currently hoping for funding on Kickstarter.  The red and blue armies are fighting again and only a skilled commander can ensure victory by exploiting each unit’s skills against an equally powerful opponent.  There’s a prototype demo over at the Kickstarter page so feel free to give it a look on the last two days of the campaign.

Gaimoria-  A fusion of gaming elements from Secret of Mana and Pokemon, where you run around the hand-drawn and -animated world summoning your monster pets into real-time combat.  Anaiah starts with three pets from the water/fire/lightning classes, and in battle they come down to fight beside her for a limited time.  The pets can do basic combat by themselves but their elemental attacks need to be called on by Anaiah, and each attack has a MOBA-style cooldown period after use.  Gaimoria is still very early in development but its 2D art looks fantastic in every screenshot.

Unnamed-  “A game about witches and farming”, and now you know as much as I do about whatever this cute little oddity will be.

Cerulean Moon-  Platformer where the main character can’t actually jump.  The game is designed for touch, whether that be a Steam/PS4 controller or standard mobile device, with the player moving the game world underneath the masked character’s feet.  As you can see in this clip, it allows you to move the level around incredibly quickly, allowing for devious traps that need a quick, precise hand to avoid.

Helltown-  Deliberately low-res horror game set in a lovely little town that’s the 1950’s version of Silent Hill.  Everything is lovely and nuclear family-ish on the surface but bad things are bubbling underneath.  As the town’s new mailman you get to meet everyone and learn just how wrong things really are.  And also run from dogs, because as bad as the ghosts and other shambling terrors of the town are, nothing is more tenacious than a mailman’s classic enemy.

Jetpack Squad- Horizontal shooter filled with lovely explosions and ridiculous action.  The video clip shows off the character switching, with the lion-man shooting everything in his path, the blue woman grabbing objects and tossing them about, and the green goat-man slashing away with his sword.  The art is looking as nice as the action.

Tikotep-  Platformer/adventure starring a young indian boy out to find the missing members of his tribe.  He’s only got a bow and arrow, at least in the early part of the alpha you can get free at, and while the game is a bit difficult due to the bow’s short range and thin horizontal attack width, there are some lovely effects bringing the pixel art to life.

Unnamed-  There’s no game to go with this yet but one is in the works. In the meantime, it’s far too easy to get caught up in the loop of watching the lines split, join, and end as they create their asymmetrical patterns.

Bonus Image

Unnamed-  No game to go with this, or at least nothing obvious, but it’s still a pretty cool little How It’s Made-style assembly of the guts of a film projector.