Nostalgia Simulator ‘Emily Is Away’ Getting a Sequel

One of the hidden gems of 2015 was a visual novel that took place entirely in an AOL instant messenger chatroom, and who’s story of growing apart was all too eerily similar to one that we’ve experienced at one point or another.

Flash forward to today, developer Kyle Seely has announced a sequel to the AIM based tale of heartbreak. Emily Is Away Too will feature branching dialogue options, different endings and another character, Evelyn, to interact with. It’s currently scheduled for a 2017 release.

If all of that doesn’t sell you on Emily Is Away Too, this version will feature 100+ cringe inducing buddy icons just to make sure you remember exactly how terrible that pixelated blink-182 profile pic you had in 2003 was.

Check out the game’s launch trailer below as well as the first game, which you can play for free on Steam right now.