Ubisoft Arcade Midweek Madness Sale Hits Steam

Ubisoft is no stranger to Steam sales, even with Uplay being their current-day method of digital game delivery. They have put a slew of games on sale via Steam today and lumped them into a “Ubisoft Arcade” sale, with that being quite the loose application of “arcade”.

  • Child of Light – $3.74
  • Mad Riders – $2.49
  • Cloudberry Kingdom – $2.49
  • Valiant Hearts: The Great War – $3.74
  • Flashback – $2.49
  • I Am Alive – $3.74

This is a fairly small lineup of games on sale, but each is quite good in their own right. Child of Light is one of the best-looking RPGs in quite some time, while Valiant Hearts is a tragic and stirring war story. Flashback is a reboot of the original game, and features the original game in emulated form as well. Cloudberry Kingdom is a fantastic platformer, while Mad Riders provides some off-road racing thrills. I Am Alive is a post-apocalyptic tale and if you haven’t played it via the free Games With Gold version on the 360, you should check it out here.