Dead Rising 4 Season Pass Detailed, Time-Based Mode Appears to be Returning

Microsoft have today offered some insight into the contents included with the Season Pass to Capcom’s upcoming Dead Rising 4. And for those fans who were rather favorable of the time limit mechanic in previous Dead Rising games, today’s news may come across as somewhat bitter. Included within the Season Pass is an all-new DLC entitled Frank’s Rising in which main character Frank West discovers that he is infected and must find a cure before he too becomes a part of the zombie horde. Coupled with the premise description of distrustful NPC’s and a plan by the paramilitary to wipe out the entire region of Willamette, it’s a clear throw-back to the time-limited objectives of earlier games in the series. It’s already been confirmed that the main single-player mode will not feature a timer system this time round.

Alongside Frank Rising, the Season Pass will also include a bizarre 18-hole crazy golf mode that can be played with up to three other players online as well additional festive-themed weapons that can’t be found in the base game. So far, both Microsoft and Capcom have not clarified or offered any additional information on whether or not these new modes, along with the additional content, will be made available outside the Season Pass either on release day or in the near future. But from the looks of it, the only way to access these two specific new modes is by purchasing the Season Pass which will come as part of the game’s Deluxe Edition, priced at roughly $80. Xbox One & PC (through Windows 10) on December 6.