Player Feedback Sways Devs in SWTOR Dark vs. Light Overview Stream

Star Wars: The Old Republic developers Charles Boyd, Ben Irving and Eric Musco took to their community stream on Twitch to address recent player feedback on the new Galactic Command system as well as expand on the Dark vs. Light feature coming with Knights of the Eternal Throne. They first updated the community on how recent backlash will change endgame gearing.

After reading through forums, watching fan videos etc. the devs have decided to roll back on the random endgame gear drops. Now every time you open a command crate you will receive a piece of gear that matches your current spec. They also detailed what will happen when the Dark or Light Side win in the new Galactic Command system. Basically the side of the force that’s leading will get access to a special vendor and world bosses will appear under that alignment.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Eternal Throne will launch on December 2, 2016 for PC.

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