XSEED to Launch Two Games on PC in November

Prolific publisher XSEED has certainly been paying attention to the PC platform lately. Steam, in particular, has been seeing quite a few of their uniquely niche titles land on the platform. It must be working out, as the company has just announced that two of their games will be hitting PC next month, Xanadu Next and Senran Kagura Bon Appetit!-Full Course. It seems strange to throw both of these titles in the same post….

Nihon Falcom’s Xanadu Next is first up. Set to launch on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store on November 3, the game is an action/RPG that focuses on exploration. Originally launched in Japan in 2005, the title is an offshoot of their Dragon Slayer titles. In it, players take the role of a gravely injured knight who only is only alive to magical machinations. In order to solidify his tenuous grasp on life, he must search for and obtain the legendary Dragon Slayer sword. Serving as a spiritual successor to cult classic Faxanadu, it will allow a wealth of customization options, including stat redistribution and passive effect granting Guardians. As this is the first time Western audiences will see an official release, we will be following this one very closely. It will be selling for twenty bucks, though it will have a ten percent discount during the first week. Not bad for a fresh (for us) title out of the house famous for Y’s.


Also up is Marvelous and Meteorise’s rhythm action game Senran Kagura Bon Appetit!-Full Course. This title is a spin off of the breastilicious Senran Kagura titles. (Also known as NSFW: The Game.) This time, the buxom ninjas won’t be beating the tar out of swarms of enemies. Instead, they will be participating in the “Super Dish Gourmet Cook Off” for a chance at a magical scroll that can grant any wish. Instead of selecting the best ingredients and cooking them to perfection (while throwing failing dishes across the room, if reality TV has taught us anything), the cooking challenges are represented by a rhythm game, where players hit their cues in time with the beat. It has seen a release on Vita already, but plenty of people missed it there. I’m one of them, and will be looking forward to this edition to rectify the matter as this version will include the base game, and all of the DLC. It will be launching on Steam November 10 for thirty dollars, also with an opening week ten percent discount.