5 Launch Title Predictions for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has now been revealed and it’s the talk of the gaming town. There’s still so much we don’t know about it and Nintendo seems like they’re happy making us wait for more news concerning the nitty gritty details. We got to see a handful of games in the reveal trailer that may or may not be coming out for the system somewhere along the line, so what better way to celebrate the reveal than by speculating some first party launch titles we hope to see on the system? We’re leaving Breath of the Wild off the list this time and going straight into other games we wouldn’t mind seeing along side the Switch on launch day.



This one is as straight-forward as launch titles for Nintendo go. Mario games are popular with everyone from children to adults and starting off strong with a new Mario game would definitely be a boost, especially if they went the 3D route as there hasn’t been traditional 3D Mario game since Super Mario Galaxy 2. While Super Mario 3D Land for 3DS and World for Wii U were certainly enjoyable titles, we’re hoping to see more big open levels to explore with challenges and unique bosses to hit three times before defeating them for a star. There was a Mario game briefly shown in the Switch’s reveal trailer and it did seem to hint at perhaps exploring outside of a linear path, so hopefully we get another grand Mario adventure for the Switch.

Nintendo Party Game


It wouldn’t be a modern Nintendo console without a party game that came packaged with it. Wii Sports remains the third highest selling game ever. This was of course because the game came bundle with most Wii systems, but it also ended up being an extremely popular party game. Nintendo Land similarly launched with copies of the 32GB Wii U, but upped the ante with fun single player and multiplayer games. All of these games were Nintendo themed, borrowing from various Nintendo franchises, and instead of feeling like party game they felt almost like fun individual titles. There was an on-rail fighter where a mii fought against countless Zelda enemies, and a first-person metroid inspired game where countless aliens had to be fended off. If Nintendo wanted to create an even bigger version of Nintendo Land they could go their usual naming route by calling the latest Switch version Nintendo World.

Super Smash Bros.


Super Smash Bros is still huge on both 3DS and Wii U, it’s one of the biggest Nintendo titles that both draws in hardcore veterans and people just looking to have a fun time. It would almost certainly be a mistake not to release it on the Switch. Considering the mobility of the Switch and being able to carry around two controllers at any time, it’d be easy to set up a quick match against friends to see just who is the best fighter. While they’ve said they’re done releasing DLC content for Smash Bros, we could also see new content from the Switch version eventually. We’re also still waiting on the Bayonetta, Cloud, and Corrin Smash amiibos that were announced around ten months ago, releasing them with a Switch version of the game might be better late than never.



There are a huge variety of possibilities for a Pokémon title on the Switch. Many people hope the Switch could supply fans with an enhanced version of Sun and Moon, but even looking away from the main series of game there are tons of spin-offs available. The PokéPark series let people play as Pokémon while participating in mini games and some real-time battles. While these games weren’t particularly challenging for older gamers it was still fun getting to run around in a real 3D Pokémon world. The Rumble series would also be a good choice, especially as it released on both of Nintendo’s previous consoles the Wii and Wii U. The cute toy Pokémon characters and easy to pick up gameplay makes it enjoyable to play with fast-pacedPokémon action. Both the console Rumble games also offered multiplayer that let friends pop in and out at any time. Of course, it’d be even more spectacular if the Switch got a brand new original Pokémon title for its release. Or maybe we’ll finally get that Pokémon Snap sequel everyone has been wishing for.



Wario has made quite the name for himself over the years in both his Wario Land and WarioWare series. The Wario series has had a game released on almost every system since the Gameboy, and both styles of game have proven to be fairly popular. If we do get a Wario game we’d be more likely to see a WarioWare style, due to it’s simple yet fun party-style gameplay which usually includes a good amount of fun and competitive multiplayer modes. If they decided to start off with a Wario Land title that would still be equally as fun, maybe even allowing multiplayer so Wario could team up with his number one sports partner and current Nintendo fan favorite, Waluigi.wariowaluigi1

Given that there is around five months before the Switch is released, these titles all seem like they would have a good chance at making the cut if they’re in the works. If Nintendo is looking for a good launch, they’ll give us a wide variety of titles to pick from right away with the Switch and in the coming months after. Until they decides to reveal more information, all we can do is hope for some good titles, but in the meantime leave a comment below on some launch titles you hope to see for the Nintendo Switch!