5 Scariest Games Coming Before the Year is Over

October is known as the creepiest, scariest, spookiest month of the year. Because Halloween comes at the end, there are always fright nights and strange occurrences going on. It is the only time of year where the supernatural and paranormal happen to be widely accepted. You won’t usually see a new horror film released in the middle of summer and the same goes for video games. We have come up with a little list compiled of some games ranging from haunting to gruesome but all fit for the Halloween season. Not all will be playable in time, but there is always the following months and next Halloween to have some spooky fun. Take a look at what’s to come before 2017 arrives.

Yomawari: Night Alone

We start things off a bit tame with Yomawari: Night Alone, a game we have covered a bit in the past. You play as a young girl venturing around town to find her missing dog and sister. All you have is a flashlight as you travel around in the dark. You know things go bump in the night and Yomawari: Night Alone definitely has some truly odd terrors lurking about. They will follow you closely and launch themselves forward to eat you. The only way to survive is by hiding and evading them but what makes things worse is they can even hear where you are. Don’t let the soft art and charming design fool you. You truly are alone in this creepy adventure. Be sure to turn off all lights and play without any distractions. Yomawari: Night Alone is set to release in North America for PS Vita and PC on October 25, right on time for Halloween.

Corpse Party

You can’t make a game any creeper than combining kids, a school, and ghosts. Well, you probably could go a lot creepier which is exactly what Corpse Party does! Take all the purity of children with positive influences of education and toss it out the window. When playing through Corpse Party you’ll never see how innocent a child can be or want to ever step foot in a school. Ghosts of deceased children haunt Kisaragi Academy. They trap students inside, twist their psyche, and kill them in some of the most gruesome ways imaginable. In order to survive, you must embark on a chilling adventure and attempt to save your classmates while learning more of the mysterious curse. Corpse Party is coming out October 25 for the 3DS. Art work has been fully remastered, the soundtrack receives a bit of restructuring and cutscenes take place in 3D to give you the entire feeling of being haunted yourself. It is one of the most perfect games to enjoy on such a spooky day, just as long as you can survive.

Weeping Doll

Nothing will creep you out more quickly than immersing yourself in the virtual reality gameplay of Weeping Doll. Just the name alone is enough to conjure some shivering thoughts of baby dolls coming to life. In fact, that’s what is happening as you play the role of a maid left alone to explore a mansion. It has been announced that solving puzzles and uncovering the happenings of this weird home is your purpose. When wandering the halls and rooms you will never feel alone as there always seems to be something breathing down your neck. You might encounter broken dolls, disheveled bedrooms, and broken items which adds more mystery to the game. It will certainly feel intense, suspenseful and definitely have you on edge. Weeping Doll is set to release for PlayStation VR on October 27, just days before Halloween. Try it out during some paranormal parties for an added element of surprise.

Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 PS4 2
Here is the first game on the list not to arrive in time for Halloween fun but that doesn’t mean the scares will end! Killing Floor 2 receives a November 18 launch date which still falls in the area of the season for creepiness. You will be up against hordes of ravaging creatures and beastly humanoids called Zeds. Go it alone or with a team, either way you are in for quite the challenge. You will need to come up with strategies in order to turn the swarms of Zeds in a uniform order to pick off. Unique methods must be employed as well or you will surely face annihilation. Killing Floor 2 isn’t inherently spooky or horrifying but with the amount of enemies you face it could hit on a few fears including claustrophobia. Plus, you might feel nervous and anxious which can also get you killed. Try and stay calm but have fun at the same time. We certainly enjoyed our time with the game during E3, maybe you can learn a thing or two from our experiences.

Dead Rising 4

Similar to the game above, Dead Rising 4 will not be around until after Halloween. It is set to launch on December 6 just in time for the holidays and shortly before 2016 comes to an end. Winter and Christmas are both pretty fitting for a zombie game. Dead Rising 4 gets you in the seasonal spirit to mash, slice, and pummel hordes of zombies. It may not be filled with jump scares or mess with your mind but it is still scary nonetheless. Everyone fears being overrun by zombies so this will certainly play off some of those fears and related feelings. You could be surrounded, helpless, and even vulnerable if you are not paying attention to your surroundings. Luckily, a shopping mall is chock-full of handy weapons to keep your attackers at bay. Get ready to do some holiday zombie hunting before the year comes to an end.

This list consists of some big names and a couple of lesser known ones. It is great to see a variety of scary games still to come in 2016. While there may be more that didn’t appear, feel free to share a horror title you are looking forward to in the comment section below. With this amount of spookiness available over the course of three months, we can’t wait to see what 2017 will bring.