Screenshot Saturday Featuring Small Radios Big Televisions, Thirteen More

Screenshot Saturday never stops, except on Sunday through Friday.  On Saturday, though, it’s relentless, with more games shown off in a single 24-hour period (plus a bit on either side for time zones and people running late) than one person can reasonably be expected to process.  True, sometimes the pictures are “look at this menu!” or an Unreal action flow-chart, but just because there may not be the visual punch of a perfectly framed shot or gameplay clip doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot of effort went in to getting to the point being shown.  The point of this feature, though, is to showcase a dozen(ish) images from the weekly crop, so it tends to default to a certain level of flashiness rather than amazing feats of UI implementation.  As ever, don’t neglect to give the blue arrows a click, because moving images are far more effective when they get a chance to come to life.

Black Flaggers Pinball-  Pretty much exactly what it looks like, a shiny new video pinball game with a pirate theme.  The ball weight looks more Zen Pinball than Pinball Arcade, so noticeably heavier than a real machine, but the physics look pretty good overall and the board is covered with fun targets and nice lighting effects.  It’s currently working its way through Steam Greenlight, so head on over and give it vote if you’ve got one to spare.

Gears of Eden-  An extraplanetary rover gains sentience, which is a surprise not just to everyone involved but the rover itself.  It’s still got a job to do, though, so once getting over the idea of being able to actually process ideas it continues on its mission, exploring and gathering resources to upgrade itself and survive the harshness of the barren landscape.  This one is incredibly early but it’s a great concept that should be a lot of fun to watch develop.

Unnamed-  No title for this one yet, but it’s got an elephant seeking love while carting around a vacuum cleaner, which is probably perfectly logical in some way.

Stage Presence-  VR game where your band can’t play and it’s up to you to keep the crowd in line until musical service can be restored.  Sing like your life depended on it, or at least your sanity and dignity, because an unhappy crowd throws beer bottles and reacts unhappily if you suck.  On Earth or the Moon, being a rock god is not a job for the insecure.

Caveblazers-  Side-scrolling platform roguelike that’s working its way through Early Access.  The player starts with a sword and bow, and each level has a Blessing or two to find on the way to the exit that give abilities such as a helpful ghost, multiple arrows, and other less obvious perks.  Get them all and you become an unstoppable cuisinart of monster-puree-ing justice.

Unnamed-  Some kind of space game, probably with trading involved judging by the space colony.  Whatever it may turn into, it’s developing from a wonderfully organic sci-fi art style.

Unnamed-  Just a planet with an engine strapped to it rocketing through the space-clouds on its way to a new sun.  Sadly, if there’s more information on whatever this may be it’s doing an excellent job of hiding.

Mushroom Crusher- The law of unintended consequences strikes again!  Mushrooms are attacking the kingdom and as a little bald mage it’s your job to push them back.  Each mushroom type is weak against a certain element and the pre-level info screen lets you know what you’ll be encountering so you can gear up properly for it.  Proper spell usage and a bit of care enables a score worthy of an S-rank, but sometimes even the best laid plans can run into a brick wall, or wooden picket fence.

Cube Rampage-  Fairly simple “pull back and shoot” arcade challenge where you need to clear out targets in as few moves as possible.  It’s always fun to see what a few graphic tricks can to do spice up a simple “programmer art” style of basic geometric shapes.  There’s a demo at, just one level long but not a bad way to spend a couple minutes chasing a 3-star rating.

Far Ago-  Prevent the end of the universe by traveling back in time to a random planet that somehow manages to tie into the main quest despite its randomness and also has a few helpful mini-quests as well.  Most of which involve breaking enemies into a million shattered fragments, although you can fly in peace if you can somehow resist the temptation to see what new toys you can scavenge from the wreckage.

Small Radios Big Televisions-  There are lost cassette tapes waiting to be discovered in the abandoned factories where they were left behind, and each one has a little world recorded on it with secrets to uncover.  There’s a strange mystery that can only be untangled by the information waiting to be teased out of the derelict machine puzzles, and whatever it is that’s happened it’s bound to be weirder than expected.

Unnamed-  Platformer/adventure about a fairly morose-looking red haired kid being followed around by a floating blue ghost-head.  The ghost is a helper giving the player extra abilities, like wings for a double-jump or transforming into a boomerang to hit enemies.  While the game itself looks to be a fairly decent little run & jump, the art style makes it stand out from the crowd.

Unnamed-  While this isn’t specifically tagged as being from any specific game, it’s hard to look at it and not think Slain 2.  The armor stuffed with skulls is named Legion, and while he may be low-poly, the texture art makes up the difference.

Bonus Image

No game- Just hypnotic.  Be careful of the endless sinking void.