Night in the Woods Gets Release Date for January

Night in the Woods, an adorable coming of age tale, just got a release date of January 10, 2017 coming to PS4, PC, Mac and Linux. Developer Finji was pushing for a late 2016 release, but stated they wanted more time to polish the game so it would be its absolute best.

In Night in the Woods, the player takes the role of as Mae Borowski (who’s a cat), a college dropout returning to her former hometown of Possum Springs. Once home Mae will meander around town while interacting with many colorful characters (also animals) who may have changed for better or worse while she was away. Either way, things are different now in Possum Springs and it’s up to Mae to find out what. An entirely narrative driven game with some light platforming, Night in the Woods looks to be shaping up nicely.

Oh, and there is something in the woods. Definitely worth looking in to.