SKT T1 are your Three Time World Champions

SKT T1 are your first three time League of Legends champions and your first ever back to back champions.

Adding to the history books are Faker and Bengi as the only three time Worlds Champions and their SKT T1 team being the only team with members having multiple titles. If you needed any more proof of this organization being a dynasty then you’re just not a fan of the best team competitive League of Legends has ever seen.

Here’s a rundown of the craziness that took place tonight:

The first match of the Bo5 took about an hour to complete and made Samsung look like contenders. Crown was on his best champ in Viktor and gave Faker a run for his money. He even managed to get a solo kill on the Unkillable Demon King. That solo kill however did not translate into a win for them. SKT played the game out at their agonizing pace and came up with a seemingly easy win.

Whatever confidence Crown gained from his solo kill was quickly taken away during the second game when Samsung was so outplayed he was the last player to leave the stage and looked completely defeated. SKT was in control of the match from start to finish and picked off Samsung 3 different times in about as many minutes. Samsung was just not on the same page and the lanes that they had winning quickly turned against them and SKT strolled to an easy victory.

With their backs against the wall and their most important player looking completely dejected Samsung managed to make a game out of the third match. They made a huge play at Baron and took 4/5 towers on their Baron power play to basically bring themselves back. What ensued after that was some of the greatest League of Legends team fights ever. The game was over an hour and the team fights were masterful. Neither team getting completely wiped and both teams taking out key members to keep them in the game; it was beautiful.

If you missed the finals this will be the match you’ll want to see. Samsung managed to draw the game out and come back and start the dream for a reverse sweep, just like they did against KT Rolster. At the end of the game both ADCs managed to do over 100k damage to champions and Corejj, Samsung’s support, did over 70k damage. It was one of the best matches of Worlds to date.

To keep the ball rolling Samsung pull out the comfort picks in game four and they take it to SKT. Bengi was subbed out for Blank and that backfired quickly. From the start of the game Ambition took it to the less experienced jungler and set Zac behind. SKT overall just looked to never be on the same page and that resulted in a very clean looking game for Samsung. They got an early lead and held on to it to close out the game and force a game five. What started as a possible SKT route turned into one of the best series in a long time, cue Silver Scrapes.

Game five, Bengi is subbed back in and SKT T1 are feeling the pressure. Both teams ban out the best range supports and Samsung pick Tahm Kench prompting SKT to pick up Braum. Faker steals away Crown’s Viktor and Bengi is gifted Lee Sin after Samsung first pick Olaf. This game was the most tense match there’s been at Worlds and the action got started early. Kills were happening all around the map and for a minute it looked like Samsung might complete the legendary reverse sweep.

That was short lived though as SKT started targeting Ambition on Olaf and burning his ult. After that they forced fights and systematically took out Samsung until they completed the greatest final that’s happened yet. SKT T1 take down Samsung to cement Faker’s legacy as the greatest League of Legends player ever and SKT T1 as the greatest organization. With this win SKT T1 have won every major tournament of 2016.