Screenshot Saturday Featuring Black Ice, Moblets, Eleven Others

It’s the Screenshot Saturday before Halloween so there’s a heavy load of pumpkins to go with this week’s batch of fresh new gaming screens.  Every week sees game developers show off their progress but some Saturdays are a bit more themed than others.  For the most part the selection chosen for the week avoids the Halloween overload but there’s a little too much holiday spirit going around to not indulge a little, so enjoy the week’s output while getting your costume ready for Monday evening, and try not to overdo it too badly on the candy.

Unnamed-  An overhead-view shooter prototype that looks like it’s grown quite nicely from its initial version a few weeks back.  While there’s a ton of work to do to turn this into whatever it may become, the smoke trails do in fact turn a simple explosion into an awesome spread of destruction.

Unnamed- One of the tricks of game design is getting away things unseen. Even the most professional code has cheats in there to make a scene look right, rather than going crazy modeling every tiny detail. Normally this isn’t illustrated with poop, but whatever works.  This is actually from a Binding of Isaac VR experiment, unofficial but still fun to see.

Moblets- A perfect example of a game that’s hard not to feature every week just because of how darn cute it is. Moblets is a combination of Harvest Moon and Pokemon, where you take your little helper-monsters into the world and battle them when not tending the farm. The primary crop seems to be a bounty of Adorable.

Slime-san- In which a tiny slime fights a giant evil uvula, running back and forth across toothy platforms and avoiding tongue-smacks and the occasional tooth-laser. Video games- where Sane and Fun are no longer on speaking terms.

ForeveRacer- Online racing game where you compete for lap time rather than a specific place, allowing players to hop in and out at will. Any other racers on the track will be visible and cause problems but, because there’s no specific start or stop time on an individual race, there’s no waiting time. Honestly though, this reminds me of just how much I want a proper sequel to my favorite entry in the ChoroQ series, Road Trip.  For a ForeveRacers early demo, check out over here on the game’s web site.

Hyperburner- Fly forever forward and try not to splat into the sides of a structure you really should know better than to be rocketing through. There’s got to be some serious safety violations happening here.

Macbat 64- 3D platformer made in the style of the Nintendo 64 games that weren’t all made by Rare, but fairly close. MacBat is a posh little guy with vest and monocle, and his low-poly model translates nicely into puppet form.  There’s an early-alpha demo available at

Tungsten: Armored Outlaw-  Combination run & gun platformer and horizontal shooter where you’re a controlling a transforming robot that’s equally adept at both types of combat.  While there hasn’t been much gameplay shown off for this game yet, seeing as it just popped up in August, the lighting on the clouds and angling away of the ground as the ship flies into the sky give the environments a fantastic sense of scale.

Polynomial 2-  Fly through the galaxy of colored pinpoint particles and either shoot down all in your path or indulge in a restful tour of the starry 3D constructions hanging in space.  Or both, if you’re feeling a bit bipolar.  Also notable for managing a full 3D fly & shoot in VR without a trace of motion sickness, which is an impressive achievement that bigger-budget games are still chasing after.

Chronicle of Ruin-  Tactical strategy game with its inspiration drawn primarily from Ogre Battle, with each unit being a five-member battle team led by a hero.  A big part of commanding the army is making sure your heroes have appropriate support in their units, then taking advantage of the map’s terrain to draw the best out of them.  Or you could just go fishing on a sunny summer afternoon.

Mugsters-  Run, drive, and escape from the giant evil pursuing ball that smashes everything in its path, including your little guy if you aren’t quick and clever enough to figure out a way through the level’s traps.  Cars and other vehicles are all over the place ready to be used in the escape, although as this image shows sometimes you’ll need more than one to clear the way.

Black Ice-  First-person cyberpunk hacking/shooter that’s been in Early Access for a good while now, getting bigger and more feature-rich at a slow but regular pace.  Hack buildings in a giant city, destroy the defenders that come swarming out, pick up all the loot you can find, and do it again once you’ve decided what to use and what to sell.  This isn’t an in-game effect, sadly, but a trippy 60s pop-art shader would complement the game perfectly.

Bonus Image:

Inmost-  Now that’s a pumpkin worthy of the holiday!  Too much of Halloween is cute-spooky, but this thing is properly twisted.