Part One of Noclip’s Documentary on Rocket League Released

Rocket League has been a bit of a gaming phenomenon since it was first released. The follow-up to the under-appreciated Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Cars on the PS3 took that same concept, refined it, and polished it to a point of near-perfection. Thanks to the documentary, you’ll learn about the game’s history dating back to 2004 as an Unreal Tournament mode mixing RC cars with a dirt track. It showed the concept could kind of work, and that led to SARPC before someone realized that they really needed a ball in play to change things up – and that wound up being perfect. The title killed it, but the concept was sound and led to them creating Rocket League. Part 2 will focus on the game’s launch and its inclusion as a PlayStation Plus freebie being a huge risk that had the developers quite nervous.