Call of Duty Receives Adult Entertainment Parody Treatment

A franchise that is able to release a top selling game every year for a decade might seem like it is successful, but no work of entertainment media has truly made it until it has had a pornographic parody done. Call of Duty has been around for a while, and in this time we have seen growth in its fanbase. What started out as a simply average sized shooter has made tremendous size gains, and now its fanbase is of mastodonian size. After paying its dues, the series that focused on the war efforts of the hardest privates you will encounter can now be considered a bonafide mainstream success thanks to the recognition from the premium porn brand Brazzers, who will be releasing Cock of Duty XXX Parody on November 3.

“With Cock of Duty XXX Parody, we aimed to replicate that feeling you get when you’re stuck in an enemy’s spawn point with your (not-so-covert) flashy customized weapon class, as your friends come to escort you back to base to complete the match objective. The games many of us experienced in the prime of our youth were revolutionary first-person shooter games. With the remastering of some of our favorite games this season, we were motivated to relive those amazing moments we had, prompting us to adopt a different perspective when filming this scene. Hence the first-person point of view throughout the scene. We threw in customized weapons, tanks, explosions, stunts, tons of enemies and unique military locations – even spaceships because you know, apparently modern warfare is destined to become space warfare.”