KontrokFreek Announces Call of Duty: Revive Thumbsticks

KontrolFeek makes some amazing thumbsticks, and their latest ties into both Call of Duty and the love of gamers to own things in very limited supply. The second Perk-a-Cola thumbstick has a black base with a slick blue top showing someone over a grave. Instead of pouring a 40 though, they can be brought back with the power of Perk-a-Cola! The artwork is laser-etched on the stick and gives players a rubberized grip to make you more accurate.

It’s easy to think of thumbstick additions as a bit of snake oil, but they are quite useful in some games. Having used the SNIPRs on both consoles, they definitely gave me more range of motion. These are mid-rise, so they won’t give a large increase in stick size but will still give you more range of motion Revive thumbsticks are available to buy right now for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for $17.99.