Bethesda Releases Video in Honor of ESO: Orsenium’s One Year Anniversary

Despite The Elder Scrolls Online not catching on quite like Bethesda and its parent company Zenimax hoped, it’s still been popular enough to live on as a nice little side pocket of the MMO world. Granted, a great deal of this was a result of the switch away from a subscription model, which turned The Elder Scrolls Online into a standard retail-style one-time purchase. Still, it is nice to see that support for ESO lives on, albeit in a less forward-facing fashion.

One year ago, the largest DLC pack to date, Orsinium, was released. With over twenty hours of new story content and a whole host of fun items within a brand new zone, Orsinium definitely breathed a bit of new life into a title that is generally thought of as middling. In honor of the one-year anniversary, Bethesda is going to be hosting an in-game event on November 7. This announcement was met with a re-release of some original Orsinium scenes via a new trailer. Check out the footage below, and stay tuned for the latest ESO news: