Master X Master Playtest Coming Later This Month

Developer and publisher NCSOFT has announced that its upcoming two-character-per-player MOBA, Master X Master, will have a limited open playtest from November 22-28.

During this timeframe, the playtest will only be available in North America from 1 PM through 9 PM PST and in Europe from 2 PM – 10 PM UTC. It’s worth noting that every master that has been revealed thus far, including two new characters (Nedien and Tulam), will be playable during the test period.

Master X Master, despite being relatively late to the MOBA party, is known for allowing players to pick two heroes, or masters, before heading into a traditional MOBA fight. What’s more, Master X Master controls more like a twin-stick shooter at times than a traditional MOBA, causing NCSOFT West to dub it an action-MOBA when discussing it with press.

Master X Master is currently slated to launch on PC in 2017 and we’ll continue our coverage of its development and launch until its official release.