Asphalt Xtreme Now Available on Windows Store

The Asphalt series gained fame on mobile devices for providing excellent-looking games that also brought back the excitement of fast-paced arcade racers of days gone by. It didn’t hurt that they were also free to play and generally give you a generous amount of free content and make it a simple, if time-consuming grind to gain new cars and tournaments. Today, the latest entry in the series hits the Windows Store as Asphalt Xtreme made its debut.

This off-road entry in the series focuses more on mud and dirt that neon-lit skies and rain-slicked streets, but still provides a lot of racing action for Windows 10 users.  The game itself controls like a dream with an Xbox One pad, as does its prior entry Asphalt 8. If you haven’t tried the series out, or just weren’t aware of it being playable on PC, give it a try – it’s shockingly great and scratches my itch for a new Burnout game somewhat thanks to its takedown-style approach to racing.