Hellish Survival Horror Game Agony Seeks $66,666 on Kickstarter

Is it weird that we haven’t had a survival horror game set in Hell yet (or a more “traditional” Hell, anyway)? When you think about Hell in video games, usually it’s more action-oriented titles like Doom and Dante’s Inferno that come to mind. Well, enter the aptly-named Madmind Studio, who have begun the Kickstarter campaign for Agony, where you play as a lost soul in Hell attempting to escape and learn more about their past life. And to make things appropriate, the goal for the campaign has been set at a Satanic sum of $66,666…well, in Canadian dollars, anyway. Presumably, $66,666 American was too much, and $49,740 just didn’t sound as cool for a goal.

Set on featuring “the most terrifying version of hell in the history of gaming,” as glimpsed in the trailer below, Agony aims to feature a unique version of hell, challenges based around secret patterns drawn in blood, and the ability to possess various demons and monsters to use, among other things. And should they raise enough money, Madmind will even allow you to experience Hell in VR, not to mention the other stretch goals. Indeed, Agony appears to be a highly ambitious game that certainly looks impressive, and definitely creepy. So if you think Agony’s version of Hell is one you’d like to spend time with, take a look at the game’s Kickstarter campaign, chip in if you want, then hopefully you’ll get your insane wish when it comes out for PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2017.