November’s Humble Monthly Bundle Brings Stardew Valley, Broforce, Styx

Well, it’s that time again, when we virtually unbox what the latest Humble Monthly bundle has for us. Keeping in with spirit of November, this month’s crop is described as a “cornucopia” of games, presumably to enjoy over your Thanksgiving weekend (well, if you live in the United States, anyway). So did Humble bring a notable smorgasbord to the table this time around? Let’s take a look and find out!

Leading the pack is one of 2016’s biggest and most surprising hits, the 16-bit-style farming simulator Stardew Valley, which should provide many sleepness nights of tending to your crops if it hasn’t already. Then we have the testosterone-soaked, expy-filled retro action game Broforce, which is no stranger to both Humble Bundles and monthly services offering free games right now. Styx: Master of Shadows comes next, providing a bit of fantasy stealth and allowing you to prepare for the sequel to this surprise hit when it comes out next year.

Then we get Kathy Rain for the old-school adventure fans, especially those who want a dose of Twin Peaks-style ’90s goodness, Rebel Galaxy, for those who like a side of space-faring adventures and starship combat simulators, and for those to like something calmer…Beyond Eyes? Really? The game about the blind girl and a blank world she sees that gets painted in? Ugh…sorry, it’s just that the game was one of my personal worsts of 2015, and received mostly negative to tepid reviews from critics (note that out of the main six games on the bundle’s page above, it’s the only one without any sort of blurb). If this was really meant to be a cornucopia, then Beyond Eyes is the green bean casserole, and feels like the first major misstep from Humble Monthly (in my opinion, anyway). Still, the rest of the cornucopia is filled with games that more represent stuffing, cornbread, and mashed potatoes, so you can’t complain there. We even get a little dessert in the form of the Gameboy-emulating arcade game Pirate Pop Plus, making its Steam debut after a run on the 3DS and Wii U, and the quirky mini-game collection Keyboard Sports as this month’s Humble Original, so we’ll say those are the pumpkin pie in this failed metaphor.

So yes, overall, still a mostly delicious spread for your November feast. But for those already getting ready for the Christmas goose next month, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is the first game to be revealed for December’s bundle, and as always, can be played ASAP for new subscribers or existing ones who pay early. So come back if four weeks to see if we’re getting either peppermint bark or those pooping reindeer candies in our stockings from Humble next time (note to self, stop writing articles while hungry).