See Tyranny’s Gameplay in Action with Latest Developer Video

With just a week to go until its official release, developer Obsidian Entertainment have released the third and final video in their trilogy of developer footage showcasing an in-depth look at different aspects to their upcoming RPG, Tyranny. Here, Obsidian go into a bit more detail as to the combat¬†mechanics themselves — demonstrating the variety of customisation and variety players will find when tailoring their character to their specific play-style.

Some of the more notable inclusions covered are Tyranny’s crafting system, for example, which also extends to magic and discovering new symbols and runes means players will be able to modify and alter spells they’ve learned, allowing for variety in properties. Obsidian also describe their levelling up system as “classless” meaning that players are not locked into a specific class-type, though focusing on particular attributes will also unlock¬†additional conversation choices. The video follows the developer’s previous focus on the art and World-building of Tyranny. Check out the latest developer video below. Tyranny will be available for PC on November 10.