Infinite Warfare Sales Nearly Half of Black Ops 3 in UK

It should come as no surprise that Call of Duty has made easy work of last week’s releases to claim top spot of the UK charts — pushing EA’s own grand shooter, Battlefield 1, down one spot to number 2 this week. What may be less surprising was the decrease in sales Infinite Warfare suffered, compared to last year’s Black Ops 3. According to retailer tracker GfK, Infinite Warfare’s launch week sales were 48.4% (to be precise) down from the same period last year when Black Ops 3 released.

This reading¬†is based purely on PS4 & Xbox One sales — which¬†drops slightly to 43.6% when taking the same platforms with Black Ops 3 — and given Infinite Warfare’s move away from supporting previous-gen hardware, it doesn’t alter the game’s roughly halved commercial success. But while it may not factor PC figures into the total count, don’t expect the total amount to be any higher as according to Steam Charts, the all-time peak registers at just over 15,000 players.