Rockstar Unveils and Releases Grand Theft Auto Online: Deadline

Grand Theft Auto V’s online mode has received massive upgrades since its launch, with the most recent being a daredevil-infused mode that breathes new life into the racing action. Today, Rockstar unveiled an all-new multiplayer mode called Deadline. This TRON-influenced mode gets you the new Nagasaki Shotaro light cycle and early users get a Nagasaki logo t-shirt for their wardrobe. The big addition here is Deadline, which pits four players against each other on light cycles in races. This looks like a riot, even though it isn’t quite in keeping with the rest of GTA and really does feel like something out of Saints Row – which has gone to the TRON well before. Deadline is available now as a free update for Grand Theft Auto V on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.