Narrative Platformer Even the Ocean Arrives This Month, Has Book Report Promo

Remember Anodyne? It was an odd little Zelda-like retro adventure game from a few years back which was particularly well-received thanks to its surreal tone, but we haven’t seen much of it these days. However, developers Analgesic Productions have been working hard on a follow-up since then, and now we get to bear witness to another intriguing retro-styled game with an emphasis on narrative in the form of Even the Ocean, a 2D platformer now set to be released on November 16, with the launch date announced in the trailer seen below.

Set in the futuristic Whiteforge City, Even the Ocean sees you playing as Aliph, a power plant technician suddenly tasked with having to help their government defend the city from a mysterious menace once a horrible accident occurs during a seemingly average day. The gameplay revolves around having to balance Light and Dark energy gained in order to best suit your platforming needs, such as Light energy allowing you to jump higher and Dark energy allowing you to run faster. The customization even extends to the different game modes, with options to either play through a version with the more action-oriented power plant levels removed, or play through one that only has the power plant levels.

To celebrate the game’s release, Analgesic also had a unique promotion going on. Aside from Anodyne being fifty-five percent off on Steam until Monday, an exclusive “Book Report Edition” of Even the Ocean will also be released through Basically, the developers are extremely proud of their game’s story and would like to promote sharing of the game and discussion of its story, so those that purchase Even the Ocean on and then e-mail them at from their e-mail address with a short discussion about the plot, themes, characters, or atmosphere of the game, or even just the parts that stuck with them in general will receive a bonus key to give to whoever they choose. It certainly is a unique promotion, to say the least, but will Even the Ocean truly be worthy of notable discussions among the gaming community? We’ll see if that’s the case when it comes out next week.