Screenshot Saturday Featuring Endless Forest, Acaratus, Twelve More

Screenshot Saturday feels no pity, no remorse, and will never, ever stop until you are buried under more information on new and unique games than would seem possible.  This feature trims the list down to a manageable dozen(ish) images, selected by visual interest and a few other arbitrary criteria.  The sheer volume of talent on display each week necessitates editing the list down with a brutal, unforgiving (and fickle) hand, otherwise it would end up taking the whole week to do.  Each Screenshot Saturday sees roughly 1,000 images uploaded, give or take, and there’s something for everybody to get excited about in there.  As for this tiny little cross-section, don’t neglect to let the animated images go through a loop or two, because it’s much more fun when that happens.

Dandara- Metroidvania where the ground is what you tell it to be and gravity is more than willing to accommodate. It’s a mobile-only action/platformer, designed specifically for touch-screen, but looks like it would have a fun movement system no matter where it ended up.

Year of the Dog- Learn how to take care of a Shibu Inu over the course of twelve chapters, each being a month out of the year, while slowly transforming from brand-new dog caretaker into a person who’s made a deeper connection with an animal than he ever would have expected.  The main character may be taken by surprise but anyone who’s owned a dog can see it coming from almost as far away as a giant hamburger.

The Edgelands- Rustic adventure that sees you chasing after a missing cat, getting sidetracked by the strangeness found at the border of civilization and the folklore world that lies beyond. Share a fire and a nice little chat with its friendly denizens, who look more than happy to help.

Pawarumi- Very pretty vertical arcade shooter where a ship blessed by three Central American gods, each of which gave it a unique weapon. The enemies are powered by the same divine energy, though, causing different effects depending on which is used. The Crush effect doubles attack, Drain charges the super ability, and Boost raises the shield.

Pogs- Pogs will never die. Ever! Nobody is quite sure why.

Unnamed- No idea, seeing as there’s very little info to be found, but that is a darn cute low-poly box-headed dragon.

Voxel Gauntlet- Not a game but a prototype to give a voxel ghost a place to call home. A little simple but it looks more like Gauntlet than the last 3D iteration.

Unnamed- A music puzzle game with a moonlit windmill (that really could stand to double as a lighthouse) in the middle of the ocean? No idea what it will be, but it’s definitely got my attention.

Acaratus- Steampunk mechs slug it out in a turn-based tactical strategy RPG. Usually with weapons like swords, cannons, and other low-tech methods of destruction, but it looks like Howl’s Moving Castle wants to get a bit more hands-on with a bout of fisticuffs.

The Endless Forest- Once there was a free MMORPG where everyone was a deer, and while it never went away the tech-debt meant that it couldn’t expand, either. There are only so many features and additions that can be made to an engine over a decade old. It’s being expanded into a new engine with an Indiegogo campaign, so if you’ve ever wanted to be a deer, check it out.

Flamberge-  Turn-based strategic combat RPG with simultaneous movement.  The bar at the bottom shows the time each member of the crew takes to get to their destinations, rising and falling depending on the adjustments the player makes before starting the turn.  While Flamgerge is in Early Access, it’s also a one-man project and the developer warns anyone interested that updates are months between each one.  At the very least it’s one to keep an eye on.

The Underside-  This cute little platformer is very early but also very far in development, being a remake in Unity of an adventure/platformer originally started in 2005.   The fun thing about this image is how it calls attention to the near complete lack of animation that somehow doesn’t end up mattering very much to the eye, which fills in details that simply aren’t there thanks to the slashy white effect and vibrating chainsaw blade.

De Daemonis Corporis Fabrica-  Just dissecting some kind of goblin-monster-thing and presenting its guts to a giant nose with 1930s cartoon-style rubber-hose arms and legs.  As one does.

Bonus Image

In Extremis- Even mascots are into location testing. When game festivals aren’t practical but you need public feedback, the best thing is to test wherever possible. You never know who/what might drop by.