Amanita Design Teases Its Newest Game, Chuchel

Chuchel is a little fuzzy black grumpy creature who loves cherries.  Kekel loves cherries too, though, and that starts a battle between them in search of the biggest, plumpest cherry ever seen.  It’s not the deepest plot ever written but it does give Amanita Design a free hand to create a cute, cartoony, point & click puzzle-solving romp that just might expand into something bigger, or possibly not.  It’s very early and the only information is a teaser and a video of the first 13 minutes of gameplay from back in May, which is linked rather than embedded for those who like to avoid all spoilers.  There are any number of things Chuchel might end up being but the most important one is that it’s a new game by Amanita Design, meaning a reasonable expectation is it will be a wonderfully strange and thoroughly entertaining adventure.