Live the Dual Lives of The Phantom Thieves in Persona 5

Persona 5 is already available in Japan, but Americans will still have to wait awhile to get their hands on it. Atlus has dropped a new trailer today dubbed “Learn How the Phantom Thieves Live Dual Lives.” In this video we’re given new footage of cutscenes one of which reveals that Igor of the Velvet Room has a new English voice and it is quite deeper than the last one.

The rest of the video shows clips of the game’s social link system. By interacting with NPCs one can increase the experience bonus related to that character’s specific persona. There is also a few mini games shown off: training in a gym to increase max health, a batting range, and fishing.

The wait for Persona 5 will be a tough one due to delay, but you can check out what’s to come in the footage below.