Nintendo Teams Up with SCRAP to Bring Zelda to Life

Zelda fans across the States have something to look forward to, with Nintendo having partnered up with SCRAP, renowned “escape room” creators. If not familiar, an “escape room” is a real life game were the players have to solve a series of puzzles to get out of a locked room. This is usually accompanied by a theme, hence, Zelda

“Defenders of the Triforce” proves to be not your average “escape room,” though. Instead of a small confined area, players will work in groups to get through massive set spaces, creating for a more immersive Zelda experience. In these areas, players will be able to interact with popular items known throughout the game, as well as, some familiar faces.

While the tour is limited to certain cities, it’s hitting eight major ones. The tour starting in January. Tickets are now available.

Check out more information in the video below: