Overkill VR Hits Full Release

Proving that there is no kill like overkill, developer Game Troopers has finally finished up work on their Early Access title, Overkill VR. Hitting complete launch today, this HTC Vive exclusive game looks to take some cues for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare with its artistic motif, while keeping in line with more of a 360 degree shooting gallery style. Even so, there seems to be more to it. From the user reviews, it appears to be pretty successful at what it wants to do.

Honestly, I have been trying to devour every piece of content available for virtual reality, and the existence of this one passed me by. It might be because it looked like a basic, run of the mill, VR shooter. Upon further examination, this was a mistake on my part. Boasting weapon customization, boss battles, and cinematics, along with a lengthy campaign with varied environments, Overkill VR promises a better experience when compared to the quick, cheap jobbers that get tossed onto the Steam storefront. With a twenty dollar asking price, loads of weapons, and the appearance of high quality work poured into the game, I’m going to have to check this out. Check out the trailer below.