Microsoft Gives Away Digital Copies of Lost Odyssey With Avatar Shirt Download

Lost Odyssey was heralded as one of the Xbox 360’s greatest JRPGs and one of the most recent highlights for that genre. It was well-regarded, but didn’t sell – but did gain a lot of traction after its retail life ended. The groundswell of admiration for it led to it being a highly-requested game for Xbox 360 backwards compatibility and Microsoft recently added it to the Xbox One’s Xbox 360 lineup. Today, they gave away a free Avatar t-shirt that didn’t just celebrate one year of backwards compatibility – but also gives its users a free copy of Lost Odyssey for the Xbox One.

All you have to do is download the shirt and Lost Odyssey should show up in your Ready to Install list on the Xbox One. It’s a bit strange that the game won’t also be playable on the Xbox 360 digitally, but much like how Mass Effect 2 and 3 don’t have digital versions on the native device, but do through EA Access, it must be some technical issue involving the 360 emulation being used. Either way, being able to get a full RPG for free just by downloading a virtual T-shirt is a great deal and should expand the game’s fanbase quite a bit. It isn’t showing upĀ  up Ready to Install lineups yet – but should at some point fairly soon since this promotion just launched.