Planet Coaster Now Available on PC

Frontier Developments has led the charge for theme park-based games for quite some time. They brought Thrillville, Screamride, and Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 to life years ago and are breathing life back into this simulation sub-genre with Planet Coaster. While many games focus on theme parks as a whole, Planet Coaster focuses entirely on rollercoasters and the many ways in which they can be enjoyed.

As the park creator, you’ll be able to build the in-game world to your liking and lay paths out for patrons, customize the scenery around the coaster and tailor things to your tastes. If you want to sculpt landscapes with lush mountains or put them in bodies of water, you can do so. Those with a creative spirit will enjoy being given the freedom to put islands in the sky or even have coasters go beneath the ground. Planet Coaster is available on Steam now for $44.99.