Pokémon Global Link for Sun and Moon is Live with New Features

Pokémon Sun and Moon has only been out for a day, but for players rushing to get right into battling and trading with people around the world there won’t be a long wait as the Global Link is already up and running. There’s a variety of brand new features now and some coming even later for trainers to try out after heading to the Festival Plaza.

Global Missions allow players to participate in timed events with other trainers all at the same time, by visiting the Festival Plaza players can start these missions and then check the Global Link to see their progress. Rating Battles let trainers choose from a variety of different types of battle formats to compete in and try it online against other players, and can even choose to have their battles ranked to see how they stack up against the competition.

There are also two more features that will be available early next year, the first being Rental Teams. This allows players to try out any team they want, letting players practice and come up with their best strategy for future battles. Of course, Rental Teams won’t be allowed in formal tournaments so they’re just for practice. Friendly Competitions will also be coming next year, which lets players set up their own tournaments for friends to challenge their skills and have fun.

For even more information on what the Global Link is offering this generation, check out the official page right here.