Trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon Introduce Us to More Ultra Beasts

These Ultra Beast creatures are new to the Pokémon series as they make their debut in Pokémon Sun and Moon. The latest to be shown off are the two from a recent CoroCoro reveal. At the time their names were unknown along with lots of other details.

Now, we know the first one is called UB04 Slash. It is very thin and seemingly light as paper. It looks to be pretty speedy and unleashes some wind-based attack which means it would closely relate to Flying-type Pokémon. Next, is UB04 Blaster. This has large cannon-like arms which, as the name implies, fires off powerful shots. Both Ultra Beasts share the same number just like the previously revealed Beauty and Absorption, which means they are version exclusives as well.

Take a look at what these beasts can bring in the video below and pick up your copy of Pokémon Sun and Moon right now!