Wild Guns Reloaded Aims For a December 13 Release in Japan

We’ve seen more than few discussions lately concerning much-loved Super Nintendo games thanks to the release of the NES Classic Edition and hopes for a future 16-bit successor to it, so it only seems appropriate that one of the console’s hidden gems, Wild Guns, pops up in the news again with its upcoming remake. Ironically, this version is coming to the PS4 and not to a Nintendo console, but again, it still deserves recognition as a futuristic, Wild West-themed, action-packed SNES classic. And now gamers will get to experience the game’s thrills again when Wild Guns Reloaded is released in Japan on December 13 for the PS4.

Accompanying this announcement is a new trailer for the game seen below, which not only shows off various combinations of both old and new characters working together, but also two new stages to be included in this version. We get our first glimpses at a haunted house/underground mine level where you have to fight with darkness around you, and an airborne level where you fight on the back of an airship and fend off enemies passing by in hot air balloons and the like. No word yet on when Wild Guns Reloaded will be reaching American audiences as well, but it looks like Japanese PS4 players will certainly get have an old-school blast come this December.