Screenshot Saturday Featuring My Friend Pedro, Winterfall, Eleven More

The holiday season is on the verge of starting in earnest but Screenshot Saturday soldiers on no matter the size of the pending turkey coma.  Every week is something new and different, and sometimes it’s a little hard to stress too much the “different” part of that.  This feature trims the thousand+ images down to a dozen or so, most likely leaving out something you’d have loved to have seen but what can you do?  Other than hit up the hashtag list yourself, which is always highly recommended if you don’t mind paging past a ludicrous amount of retweet-bots.  As usual, though, don’t neglect to click on all those blue arrows, because the images can’t infuse joy and wonder into your soul if they don’t get a chance to move.

Also, next week is a skip week.  Have a fun start to the holidays and try not to get trampled if a relative or friend decides it would be an adventure to drag you along on Friday.

MARE- VR adventure where a young girl controls a mechanical bird with her gaze, using it to explore a lost and mysterious world. While more in-depth details are currently unannounced, it seems likely the Monday trailer should fill in a few of the blanks.

Outsider-  It’s kind of hard to say what this one’s about, honestly.  A little robot repairs bigger robots’ brains, probably with some type of puzzle aspect to get them wired up correctly.  The flat artwork is set off nicely by the glow of working circuitry when repairs are implemented.

My Friend Pedro- This one has been in here a few times before because it looks just plain awesome, but its big news this week is being picked up by Devolver Digital. An agile assassin is flipping and shooting his way through missions given out by Pedro, a floating, talking banana. Not only are bananas super-tasty but they know the score.

Tentacles: Enter the Mind- Endless runner/tentacler where a black squishy blob with an exceptionally long reach grabs one platform after another to progress. You can practically hear the squelchy sound effects as the blob stretches from one section to the next.

Winds of Revenge- Vengeance comes in many forms, from epic to wonderfully petty. Sometimes you get to lead a massive army halfway around the world to lay wasted to the forces of evil, and other times you get to knock the boss’ spiffy top hat right off his head with a paper airplane. You work with the tools you’ve got.

InnerSpace- Fly and explore the surface of a world on the inside of a sphere, finding relics to open the path to each land’s deity. It’s a pretty and peaceful series of bubble-worlds that exist to have their secrets discovered.

The Gigadistrict- Straight-up pixely combat action with gratuitous glass shatter and red barrels that fill the entire screen with the violence of their explosions. You’d think evil organizations would learn to store those better.

Megacopter- Described by the developer as “Desert Strike with aliens”, which is honestly more than enough to warrant a second look. Sometimes it’s easy to forget all the different game types that have been left behind from the 16-bit days.

Somewhere-  Another game with no details, but a very interesting one.  How the book that opens up into a world of twisty pipes will turn into a game/adventure/experience is still to be explained, but maybe there’s enough in here just letting your eyes wander over all the detail.  It’s easy to get lost sorting through a semi-chaotic tangle, and if you get to play with the valves while trying to route fluid through then all the better.

The Long Dark-  Explore and survive the snowy wilderness of a world that could have used one less apocalypse in its recent past.  The end of the world was more geomagnetic than nuclear, trashing tech without irradiating the land, so survival in the far north is brutal, difficult, and very cold.  Hopefully one of the central mysteries of the game is why the player isn’t walking to a rural agrarian community closer to the equator.  Snow is much nicer when you’ve got a cozy home base with a fireplace.

Winterfall-  Adventure/RPG taking place through a succession of heroes building a House to stand against the world’s pending decay.  While moment to moment you play as a specific individual, the actual role of the player is that of managing the House, using its residents and family to extend its influence through a large open world.  Heroes die, retire, and get replaced, but the House perseveres through the ages. Or gets a Game Over.  One of those two.

Fates and Constellations-  This showed up a couple weeks back as a neat effect with no game attached, but now it’s better defined as a puzzle game about cutting the constellation links between stars.  Apparently they’re bad stars cluttering up the night sky with their unwanted images, bringing bad luck to anyone born underneath their sign.  Or maybe nobody wants to be born under the sign of The Butt.

Bonus Image

Fluffy Horde- Just… make up your own story about this one.  Nothing I can say will be as good as what you make up in your head.