Unicorns of Love Win IEM Oakland

EU’s Unicorns of Love have finally won their first trophy and are the IEM Oakland 2016 champions.

UOL has never won anything since they were created in 2013 with quite a few chances along the way. They’ve constantly finished between 4-6 ┬áin the EU LCS and last split had their first opportunity to punch a ticket to Worlds and once again came up short.

Now, after locking in their roster for the 2017 Spring split they’ve finally earned a nice piece of hardware. With this win they’ve punched a ticket to IEM Katowice so the team can get even more international experience under their belt.

If you haven’t watched the series be sure to watch the VODs as they become available. UOL took out the number 1 NA LCS team and the Number 1 LMS team en route to this championship. Hopefully this means UOL has a great season ahead of them in the EU LCS.