Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale For HTC Vive

There is no arguing that the Vive is a fantastic piece of equipment, design oversights not withstanding. It’s also an expensive peripheral, clocking in at $800. Anyone eyeing the headset with a notion to purchase would be well served to wait a few days as it will be going on sale for $100 off starting Friday, November 25. While $700 is still not something to sniff at, the savings are extremely welcome. This sale stretches wherever the unit is sold, from Amazon, Newegg, or a direct purchase from Vive.

Having the hardware isn’t enough. There needs to be something to do with it, and so the non-gaming application store front, Viveport, will also have a sale for various pieces of software, including a $5 bundle deal for Soundstage, Arcade Artist, and Lumen. As this is a gaming site, it should be mentioned that there are sure to be some good deals coming up on Steam.