Sharin no Kuni Kickstarter Doing Much Better on Second Attempt

Sharin no Kuni first came to Kickstarter back in July with a $140,000 goal. While not a particularly massive tier in the gaming scene, it is rather a lot to ask for a visual novel that isn’t necessarily as well established as others.

The project was promptly canceled by Tokyo Otaku Mode when they realized it would not make that goal. But now they’re back and with a better plan which is poised to make this Kickstarter a successful one.

Sharin no Kuni’s goal is now reduced to $80,000 and is already nearly at $60,000 in funding. Everyone who pledges at $20 or higher also will receive a free 18+ patch for their copy. There are still 28 days left on the campaign if you’d like to pledge for a copy of Sharin no Kuni.