A Good Bundle Features Up to 150 Games

A large bundle usually might have fifteen to twenty games in it, maybe.  A Good Bundle looks at those numbers and laughs at the lack of ambition, seeing as it’s got up to 150 different titles available in its highest tier.  Admitted, that top tier is $20, but even the cheapest of its three levels has 89 games for $2.00.  A group of indie developers has come together on itch.io in order to try to spread a little more light around the world, offering everything from large, fully-featured games to smaller, more personal projects.  Everything in the $2 tier is from the free-ish section, $8 gets a large selection of lower-priced items, and the $20 tier is where the biggest names hang out.  Windosill and Metamorphabet, Death Ray Manta, Earthtongue, Lieve Oma, Subterrarium and much more populate the $8 tier, while $20 gets We Are Doomed, Proteus, Read Only Memories, Catacomb Kids, and an incredible amount beyond that.

Every cent collected gets split right down the center between Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union, and the best numbers available at the time of this writing show it’s cleared over $30,000 for the two organizations.  That’s with slightly under 1500 sales total after less than a day, so buyers on average are paying more than the $20 minimum for the biggest bundle.  It’s a fantastic deal for a huge number of incredible games, so give it a look and see if anything in there catches your fancy.

A Good Bundle is available at itch.io.