Pinball Arcade Adds Two Electro-Mechanical Tables

The monthly Pinball Arcade update brings a bonus game with it this time.  While newer, shinier tables get added one-by-one, older mechanical ones tend to come as a double-pack.  This month’s additions are both from 1977, which was the last year this type of pinball was made, and includes Centigrade 37 and Jacks Open.  That latter one might be better known by its 1984 remake, Jacks to Open, which had a slicker art package, digital scoreboard for four players, and a non-mechanical bumper at the bottom of the center drain.  The newer version also had seven-digit scoring instead of this one’s five, which says something about the inflation pinball saw in the seven years between the remake and the original.  Centigrade 37 doesn’t have a well-known remake to give it recognition but it does have a neat thermometer on the backglass, and hitting the lit targets fills it up a little at a time until what can only be assumed to be a future-science lady Frankenstein brings her creation to life.  Centigrade 37 is, for the non-metric people out there, 98.6 degrees, or a healthy body temperature.  The two new tables are great examples of classic-style pinball, and getting both wrapped up in a single DLC makes for a very tempting little bundle.