Walking Dead: Season 3 New Video to Die for

Telltale has just released a new trailer for the latest installment of the episodic story telling game that is, The Walking Dead. Season 3, set to launch on PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS and Android December 20 this year.

For the first time ever, The Walking Dead Telltale series will have a two part opener because there is just so much story to tell. Both episodes launching on the same day.

Unlike the taste of footage shown before, this time the trailer fleshes one character out in particular. Newcomer to the fray, Javier, has a bit of a back story, and the trailer shows just how he encountered the zombie outbreak. After an emotionally charged scene with the family that doesn’t end to well, it cuts to our main girl, Clementine. She’s growing up before our very eyes, and it’s been an amazing journey to be a part of.

Who knows how these two will team up, if at all. Check out Javiers story in the trailer below as well as seeing Clementine grown up:

Source: Eurogamer