December’s Humble Monthly Bundle Brings Dragon’s Dogma, Mordheim, More

Well, it’s December now, and as usual, a new month brings a new offering from Humble Monthly to virtually unbox and check out. So, given that the festive season is now upon us, did the boys at Humble leave us presents or coal in our stockings with this month’s games? Well, it turns out to be the former, but as usual, holiday themes are a bit absent. Well, unless you replace Santa’s reindeer with dragons, griffons, armor-clad rats, and the like.

See, the big guns leading the pack this month are both fantasy RPGs, albeit a pair for different types of RPG aficionados. For those more into action, we have Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, an enhanced and expanded version of Capcom’s successful open-world hack-and-slash RPG, and for those more into strategy, they get the turn-based tactics RPG and tabletop adaptation Mordheim: City of the Damned, which should also please fans of the Warhammer franchise. Either way, it’s a nifty pair of games to provide quite the time sink indeed.

The rest of the goodies left under the tree are an eclectic and enjoyable bunch as well, though. We get a little holiday road trip with the help of the river-rafting, Americana-themed, survival-fueled roguelike game The Flame in the Flood, pixelated prison break simulators with The Escapists, a unique blend of Wild West dueling tournaments, Simon, and retro graphics in Western Press, and a good old-fashioned hacking simulator with Hacknet. Rounding things out is the Humble Monthly Debut of Minion Masters, an online PvP game about commanding cartoonish goons that’s now taking its first steps into Early Access, and Yojimbrawl, a samurai fighting game from Broforce developers Free Lives acting as this month’s Humble Original title.

So in the end, the set of games involved this time around may not involve Christmas cheer, but it sure is an impressive crop of solid games nonetheless, meaning Humble left us some nice goodies in our stockings indeed. But what will they be doing to usher in 2017? Well, the first revealed game for next month’s bundle, which you can begin playing now if you sign up or play early, is…Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide (with DLC included)? Right after a bundle with Mordheim? Huh, okay, I guess the Humble folks are up for themes after all, seeing as how we apparently now have “A Warm Warhammer Holidays.” As for the rest of what they’ll be kicking the new year off with, come back in five weeks to find out (I mean, you should still stay here for all of our regular gaming coverage, so don’t leave, just that…eh, you get the idea)!