Dish Out Some Burgers For the Undead on December 6 With Dead Hungry

Have you ever thought to yourself “I sure am a fan of virtual reality, restaurant simulators, zombies, death metal, and sumo wrestlers, but isn’t there a way to combine all of my interests into one single game?” If so, you have oddly specific tastes, but Q-Games are willing to cater to them with their first PixelJunk VR game, Dead Hungry. And they’ll be delivering you this new game faster than you can think, as it comes out next week right on time with the launch of the Oculus Touch.

Quite befitting for a developer known for quirkier material, Dead Hungry has you managing a food truck in Japan, fending off waves of zombies by preparing them some burgers in order to satiate their hunger, all done from a first person view as you grab and prepare each ingredient, then assemble some chow in time. Of course, as seen in the launch trailer below, the orders themselves can get quite bizarre as the game progresses, being able to feed tempura, paper lanterns, and maneki-neko to the undead.

Dead Hungry comes out on December 6 for the Oculus Touch and HTC Vive, and according to a comment from Q-Games concerning the trailer, PlayStation VR has not been ruled out yet for a later release. It looks like a potential blast, so here’s hoping it does indeed reach more platforms and a wider audience later.